About Us

Bunbury Art Connect is a group essentially established to further enhance the fast developing creativity that is provided by many artists in the region.

Bunbury is on the cusp of major change and with proactive participation from artists and the community we can make this city a vibrant hub of creativity that people will want to experience and enjoy.

Artists love to create in what ever form they have a passion for, whether it is painting, sculpture, installations, craft to name a few, we can bring these talents and skills together by working in collaboration with each other.


Our core aims are:

  • Establish a platform from where artists in the Bunbury and greater Bunbury region have the opportunity to promote their work.
  • Give all artists the equal opportunity to show and promote their work. We as artists are at different stages of our profession. It is our intention along with the collaboration of other members in the group, that various venues and avenues are provided to suit the needs of all artists.
  • Support each other as artists and share our skills and knowledge with each other.
  • Organise events that benefit both artists and the community.
  • Establish a creative vibrant vibe in Bunbury that will attract visitors locally and further afield. Bunbury is the centre of the South West Region and by working together we have the opportunity to be part of a very exciting time for the area.